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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spider webs are not one of my favorite things but I do admire the look of a huge one (from a distance)! It's amazing how the web is spun. And it's amazing how big a web can be too. We had one this summer that went from the shrub to the house. It was huge and full of bugs. But I had hubby get rid of it so I could paint the house there. YUCK! As much as I admired the workmanship involved in it and the way it captured a bunch of mosquitoes I had to have it destroyed! And the little creature built another one by the next day! SO the web was destroyed but not the spider! That part of the house got painted and everyone (spider included) was happy! LOL

This card was designed by Sandy. It was made at our last DIVA Day event. Sandy used the "Spider Web" embossing folder for the background. It's a folder I didn't buy because I had one that is similar and I just couldn't see myself purchasing another one.
She also used the "Dark & Dreary" set for the candelabra and the "31". It was a very cleaver card. I LOVE the scalloped green edge too!

To emphasise the spider web, the White Craft ink pad was dragged over the embossed web. Cute idea and very effective.

Thank you Sandy for letting me share your card with everyone!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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PepPop said...

Perfect Halloween card. Thanks for showing it to us. Jaqui x