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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Salt & Sugar Scrub Recipe

I have gotten a LOT of requests for the Salt & Sugar Scrub recipe. Click here for the Salt & Sugar Scrub post.

This is a very easy recipe. Be sure to use a glass bowl to mix the ingredients in. And please read through the instructions before you begin.

Salt & Sugar Scrub Recipe

1 cup salt, any type will work (Kosher, coarse, table)
1 cup sugar, granulated
8 ounces of Sunflower Oil
Colorant (optional)

Mix the salt and sugar together in a glass bowl. Add the sunflower oil and stir until salt and sugar are moistened. Add the fragrance and colorant at the same time. Mix until the color is consistent.

Sunflower oil is not the same as the kind you buy in the grocery store. You can also use palm kernel oil too. I use whichever is cheaper at the time.
Colorant is optional. Not everyone can tolerate the dyes.
When making these for gifts and especially if selling them you need to include the ingredients (not the recipe, just a list of what is in it) along with the warnings. Example, eye irritant, not fur use for children under whatever age is set by your health board.
How to use the product. For this one you stir the container. Place some on your hands and "wash" them. Wash off with soap and water. Pat to dry. On my "warnings" I did include that if you were using this in the tub or shower to be careful because the floor can become slippery.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Thank you all for waiting so patiently while I found some spare time to enter this!
Have fun with this!

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