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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sweet Treats Halloween Card

This one of the cards I had gotten in the Halloween Swap at our last DIVA Day event. This was a very fun card to make too!
I love using the "Sweet Treats" stamp set and it's fun to use it without the "Sweet Treats" cups!

We stamped the image and then punched out the center. The center was then placed on top of the sucker. The front of the card was also punched. Once the card was closed it looked like the "Sweet Treats" image was intact. And you open the card and there it is, on top of the sucker!

I thought it was a cute design. Juliann a fellow DIVA designed this card. She's such a talented stamper. I LOVE DIVA Day. The only thing sad about it is we don't get to all chat as much as we would like to. We move from station to station making the wonderful cards and chatting a bit while we are playing but it moves along so quickly so you don't get to spend much time with each DIVA. Well, I suppose I could pick one and stalk her all day, following her from table to table!!! LOL But at least we get to chat a bit while we are stamping! DIVA Day is coming up again next month. I can hardly wait! Our theme next month is Christmas and I haven't a clue as to what card I am going to do. I still have not made a decision on our Christmas cards either. I suppose I should get cracking on that too! UGH! SO much to do and with Christmas not that far away it just adds more to do! I think I need a break so I can regroup!

Ok, back to Juliann's card. I loved the colors she chose too. They are not the traditional Halloween colors but yet they work for the theme! Isn't it a cute card? And a treat to boot!
Thank you Julieann for letting me share your fun card with everyone!
Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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