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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bitty Bat Punch Test Tube

I had gotten my hands on some of these fun test tubes. What I like most about these is the cap. Once you screw it on, it's sealed. Now I don't know if it's watertight or not, I have not filled them with liquid to see. But when you open the cap there is a ring at the bottom that stays on the test tube. Much like the bottled water ones do.

Inside it's hard to see but there are black and orange bats candy. One was broken in half so I tried it to see what it actually was. It tasted like a Sweet-Tart but with a thick coating on the outside. Do you ever wonder what makes these so shiny? I try not to think about it because varnish comes to mind. I remember as a kid hearing that Junior Mints use to use shellac on the mints to make them shine. Now that I'm an adult I think that was one of those urban legends. I have looked up a lot of those urban legends when I think of them or have time. I hadn't thought of that one so I guess the next time I've got some time to surf the net I will be doing a check on it!

So back to my cute test tube. I know there are LOTS of test tube holders out there to make but I didn't think I wanted to do that since the one I'm giving it to could care less about the packaging it comes in.

I just dressed mine up with the "Bitty Bat" punch (of course) and some Pumpkin Pie grosgrain ribbon. I did add two white dots for eyes on the bat. I thought it was cute! I have other plans for my remaining test tubes but it's not for Halloween "stuff." And of course I will share it with you when I finally get around to making it. I have a very long list of things to make and this will be added to the bottom of it. I just plug along on my list and have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find the test tubes?
Blessings, MaryS

Mary said...

I think it is an edibile wax. Cute test tube too! Mary