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Friday, November 27, 2009

Silvery "Gifts of Christmas"

The day that Kay brought over her Stampin' Up! "Gifts of Christmas" set I also made this card with it.

I don't like this card as much as I liked the other one but this one didn't really take as long to make.

I LOVE embossing with silver. It melts so nice and smooth.

Embossing seems to give the card a very elegant look to it.

I also used the Stampin' Up! "Serene Snowflakes" set. I hadn't used that one yet and was SO looking forward to it. You all know how much I LOVE snow. I'm still waiting for snow here. It was 50 degrees here today, not great weather for snow. But as the week progresses the temps are suppose to drop and we've got rain in the forecast and hopefully turning to snow midweek!!! I'm digging out the mittens and boots and having the camera ready. I'm making a snowman!!! And of course I will post a picture of it here too!!

Ok, back to the card (I'm SO easily distracted LOL). When embossing the snowflakes I found it difficult to tell where I put them on the brushed silver card stock so I did have to do a couple of embossings. I embossed the area and then inked up the stamp and filled in the empty spots and embossed them. It took a couple of tries but I did get the snowflakes in the areas I needed them to be in.

The base of this card is white and the silver is layered on top of that. It's an easy card to assemble and it's actually an easy card to do too. It really didn't take long at all even with having to emboss it a couple of times.

Does it look like it's missing something? It seems a bit blah to me but then again I'm such a layers person. It maybe could have stood to have a scallop in white with a silver layer on top and a white "Merry Christmas" round layer on top of that and set in the bottom right or left corner. Well, it's too late for that now. I sent the card home with Kay!! If she reads my blog she will know what to do to maybe dress it up a bit. It just needs "something."

It was fun to play with that set. I also have a couple of other images I made from the stamps the gals brought with last week and hopefully I will have time to play with them this week.

Thank you SO much for visiting my blog today,


Danni said...

That is so pretty!!

carol h said...

I think this card is just beautiful just the way it is!!! It looks soooo elegant!!!

Unknown said...

Very elegant, love this one!

Oma said...

Gorgeous card! Very elegant! Silver embossing would also look very good on navy.