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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Went in my Workroom to Chew Gum and Stamp and.....

... I'm all out of gum!!! SO I took the gum wrapper and opened it up, took out the foil stuff on the inside and traced it onto some decorative paper.

I made my Luminary out of this same Stampin' Up! "Four Seasons" paper and the "Snow Buddies" set. I must like both of them. Well, we all know how much I LOVE that paper. I hoarded it for the longest time and now I'm using it up. I'm going to be sad to see it all used up but hey, at least I used it! What was I saving it for? I guess if I really liked it so much that I didn't want to use it I should just frame it!!! Can you see that on your wall? A frame with some paper in the middle?? LOL Ok, so I'm using it!!

I LOVE it when I use up a pack of gum that has a fun wrapper to cover. I did try once to make a pattern using the wrapper but the card stock and the decorative papers are just not firm enough. The only paper that worked with that was the glossy stuff.

After I traced the package on the paper I cut it out and glued it on the box with a glue stick. Then I stamped the snowman, cut him out and then colored him. I use to color it after I stamped it and then cut it out but I would often smear the ink from holding it and it transferring from my fingers to other parts of the piece where I didn't want it. SO now I cut first and then color. And actually it makes more sense. What if I got it all colored and as I was cutting I cut an arm off or something else important? But then again there is that other side. What if I got it all cut out and I was coloring it and the table got bumped and messed up the coloring? I guess what it all comes down to here is do what works best for you!!!

I have this adorable snowflake die cut and I ran a piece of thin white chipboard through it and punched out 3 of these snowflakes. I put two of them together to form one and added a rhinestone in the center. I thought it could use a little something more in that corner. Now if this was something that was going to go back in a purse or pocket I don't think I would have added the snowflake. The edges can get caught on things and bend or tear off. But I'm filling mine with some fun bath salts (in a baggie of course) and using it as a stocking stuffer.

These make great little hostess gifts, customer appreciation gifts, Make N Takes, Craft Fairs and a fun Stamp Camp item. If you need to make a lot and can't chew enough gum you'll have to trace the pattern and work with it that way. Though for a Stamp Camp or Make n Take item the receiver can cut the pattern out themselves!!

I try to make something with my gum package every time I empty one! It's a fun way to recycle too!

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Unknown said...

LOL, I actually do have SU dp on my walls in the kitchen ;) and when you put the dp packs into a group of frames the result is wonderful! Any Dp I purchase I scan it into the computer that way when it is gone, used up or retired and I want more Just hit print.

Love your creation;)