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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blog Candy, I Almost Forgot Again!!!

I bet you thought I forgot about this weeks Blog Candy item! Well, you know me all too well!!! LOL I almost did!

This week I am adding the C-Thru "Daja Views "Templates & Edger Journaling #1 package. Most of the items I have for the New Year's Day Blog Candy are for mostly card making so I thought I would add something in for the scrapbookers too!! These would work on cards too but are a BIG help in the journaling part of your scrapbook if you like to write by hand. I myself chose to have the computer do my writing for me since my writing starts out nice about the first line or two and then gets rushed and the lettering somehow gets smaller!! The computer doesn't do that the more you ramble on at the keyboard!! See, proof right here!!! LOL

So on New Year's Day I will have the "Official Blog Candy" post where you can leave your comment or maybe an answer to a question!!!

Stay Tuned!
(To view the other items in the GREAT give away just click here.)

Have a great day,


JenE said...

Woo Hoo! This looks great! I'm more of a scrapbooker but I would use this for cards too! Great giveaway!!

Diane said...

I def need one of those cause my writing is never straight!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what "interesting" question that you will have for us!!!
All nice blog candy items.....


StampinCathy said...

This is something that would be fun for to play with.