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Monday, November 30, 2009

One Man's Junk....

Actually this was beyond junk, it was really garbage!!! Recycling garbage of course. And I punched up the recycling part of it.

Some months ago I had gotten a garden flag holder from my dear friend Ann. And a cute kitten flag that read "welcome to my garden." Well when I was out shopping I had found a fall one on clearance and hung that one up. Then I was out shopping with hubby and found this cute snowman one. Well.... you know me and snowmen!!! I just HAD to have it and it really wasn't all that expensive. Plus there was only one left and that alone tells me that I just HAD to buy it!!! SO I got home with this cute flag and I proceeded outside to the flag holder and put it on. It's just TOO darn cute!!! I just LOVE looking at it and in putting it up I was REALLY hoping that it would help make it snow here. I even wore my snowflake socks!!! But alas, no snow. Though we did get some last night and it's almost all gone today. That was just a tease.

Anyway, I came back indoors and was in the process of tossing the plastic part of the packaging and was going to put the cardboard part in the recycling bin when I got a brilliant idea that I could make a card with it.

I headed to my workroom (only to look at the BIG mess I had left from my last little project!!!) and I set the cardboard piece down and walked out!!! I cleaned up my mess later and then worked on the card.

I took out my album of SplitCoastStampers Sketch Challenges that I print out every week and I paged through it looking for a layout that would work with this little image! I found one close enough and I just worked a bit with the sizes and it turned out like this! I kept it simple. It didn't need words because it already had them in the picture. Adding anything else to it didn't make it as sweet looking as it is without any other embellishments. I like the simplicity of it plus I like that I made a card and didn't touch an ink pad. Something that doesn't happen very often at all.

The background matched the Almost Amethyst card stock perfectly! You can't ask for more than that when doing something like this!!!

So now you need to keep an eye on what you toss in the garbage or recycling bin!!!

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Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Oh my gosh, I've been saving tissue boxes for ages, because a lot of them are as pretty as the patterned papers people buy to make cards and scrapbook pages! I also save parts of cards I receive to re-use in new cards or art projects. ;-)

ttlterror said...

Very cute card...and you're helping to save the card at a time. lol. Great idea.

lisa808 said...

Adorable card and great recycling idea.

Diane said...

Your card looks wonderful Wanda!
I've done that too,I love to recycle,especially snowmen!!!!

Unknown said...

this is wonderful, I love the image and it is perfect on your card. Great job!

I save all cardboard but never have thought to use it for the images.

Liz said...

Wow! It's great! I love snowmen. Thanks for sharing. Liz