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Friday, November 06, 2009

Baby's First Christmas Ornament! Weekend Project

It's never too early to start making Christmas gifts! A friend of mine became a grandma this year. I'm SO jealous! She brought over photos of her new grand-baby. He's SO cute. I want one of those!!! But first I'd like our son to propose to his girlfriend, then get married and then have a baby. And at the rate he's going with the proposal it could be years! Good thing he doesn't read my blog, huh??? LOL

Anyway, my wonderful friend has a grand baby so I thought I would make her an ornament for the baby. I used the Stampin' Up! "Train & Teddy" set. I just LOVE the teddy bear in that set. It's SO cute and sweet looking.

First I had to tape some tissue paper to a piece of copier paper. I only taped one end and both sides. The end that was taped was the one that feeds into the computer. I typed up the wording on the computer and printed it out on a laser printer. Printing it in a regular ink jet printer may cause the words to bleed when affixed to the bulb. I didn't even try it on the bubble jet printer, I think I did that one other time and learned the hard way it bled. SO I just thought I would print it out on the laser right away to save time and avoid any hassle.

I lined everything up to fit in the circle of the bulb. It took a couple of practice printings on copier paper to get it right and then I printed it out on the taped tissue paper. After that I stamped the image with Black StazOn and then colored it. After I got it all colored I began cutting around the image and words and realized I needed to cut them all off individually. Silly me. I could have just printed out all the words and not had to take into consideration placement!!! Oh well, silly me! SO, I cut everything out and set them on the bulb where I thought they would look good and fit nicely.

I took the pieces off the bulb and poured out some Crystal Effects directly onto the bulb. Aleen's makes a glaze that is just like the Crystal Effects except it's a bit more clear. It works exactly the same and it's available at Michael's and JoAnn's. These bulbs can be found at Michael's now in the Christmas area. I don't know if they carry them all year long, but I kind of doubt it.

Ok, once you have some of the glaze poured on the bulb take a paint brush and spread it around. Set your tissue pieces in place and gently go over them with the brush getting them "wet" and stuck to the bulb. Make sure the glaze is evenly distributed. It will dry the way you leave it.

I set mine aside to dry and then I added a bit more glaze to the edges and sprinkled the light blue glitter on it. I tied a ribbon to the top and a bow was tide onto that.

After the little glitch of making sure all was lined up on the copier paper the rest went very smoothly and quickly.

I did heat set the glaze but saw that it was starting to form little bubbles so I stopped. Perhaps I was too close to it. I had other things to tend to so I just set it aside and came back alter.

I think she's going to LOVE this! I just love that little teddy bear! For a closer view click on the photo.

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abbartski said...

WOW!! How gorgeous is this? I will actually try this in a day or so. I'm hoping I can pull it off. Thanks for posting your lovely work. Hope that proposal comes sooner than later if they're ready. I have twins and would have needed two of these;)

Stay well,

lisa808 said...

This is so cute and will be treasured by your friend.

Unknown said...

Very nice, your friend is sure to love it!