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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flowers for a Friend

My wonderful neighbor came over the other day with this most adorable snowman light. You plug it in, turn it on and it changes colors. I caught it at the blue when I took the photo. Isn't it just TOO cute??? SO I thought I would make her a thank you card.

I had seen these flower cards all over the place and thought it would be perfect for her. I don't know what the flowers are called but they are those fall flowers that look kind of like sunflowers. Anyway mine is an M & M card!! LOL

I know my neighbor is going to LOVE it!

These are very easy to a make too. I think those Stampin' Up! "Sweet Treat" cups are such a fun thing to play with. I punched ovals using some retired decorative paper and cut them in half. I taped them around the cup as I went, starting at the top then the bottom. Then from the right to the left. Then I filled in gaps with more pieces until it was all full. I punched out two more ovals in Garden Green and I clipped the pieces to form leaves. I then taped them in place behind the flower. I stuck it on the card front. I added the ribbon before I taped the card front to the card base.

Now the next step is to get it to her!!! LOL

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Unknown said...

what a cute gift I love him;) she is sure to enjoy the beautiful card.

Have a great weekend.

debbie said...

What a super cute snowman......Do you know where she got him? I would love to get one.....he would match my shower curtain in my bathroom !!