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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Flaky Frames! Weekend Project

Here is a fun snowflake frame I made using the Sizzix Snowflake die cut and a couple of pieces of aluminum.

To make this ornament you will first need to put on some work gloves. Ones that are thick enough so you don't cut yourself on the aluminum.

Now cut a piece of aluminum to fit the die cut. Run it through the machine as you would for card stock. Make two snowflakes. Once they have gone through the Sizzix machine they are no longer sharp on the edges and you can handle them with bare hands.

To stick these together I used a few glue dots. They are sticky enough to hold these together. Be sure to get the snowflakes lined up and on straight. Once you put them together with the glue dots they are on there pretty tight. You can remove a snowflake to reposition it but it is not easy and the snowflakes do bend easy.

I punched out a circle the size I wanted for my photo and I punched out my photo and taped the two pieces together. Then I stuck the photo to the snowflake with glue dots too. The circle needed a bit more around the edges and as I was looking around my workroom to see what I could use I found the string of pearls. I stuck them around the photo using the small glue dots. I took the glue dot and rolled it up and then cut it in half. I stuck it on every two or three pearls until I made it all the way around the photo.

You can add glitter or the clear micro beads to the snowflake to give it some more sparkle and you can find other items to use around the circle to jazz up the center of the snowflake! You can add a string to it to hang it on the tree or use it on your gifts.

You can pick up aluminum at any hardware store. Mine came in a roll. It may come in sheets, I don't know you'd have to look. A roll of this stuff goes a LONG way!!!

These are fun to make and make great gifts. They would also make a fun Stamp Camp item and even a fun Make N Take too!! Have fun making these. The are quick to do, especially when you use glue dots. There's no waiting for anything to dry!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I love this project... I'll have to see what snowflakes I have.
Thanks for the inspiration.


Unknown said...

AMAZING, I love your snowman;) and the frame you made for him LOVE IT!

Unknown said...

Okay, I had to look it up to see what I was doing wrong and not getting clear cuts. I see you say to run it through like card stock I am off to see if I can get it done right now;)