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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Faux Fresco Technique Page

I hope you are sitting down for this. It's Tuesday and I have made another technique page!!! Maybe I will be able to do one EVERY Tuesday and get caught up on them! I know there are a lot of you waiting for these! This one is a very fun technique. I am not one for "watching paint dry" so this technique didn't thrill me as much as some of the other ones did. I did use my heat embossing tool to speed up the drying process. But even with that it did take a while for it to dry. I would recommend having another project to do while you are making something with this one. While the ink is drying you can work on something else. Because I made several technique pages I needed to do more than one piece of Faux Fresco. SO what I did was inked up my card stock and set it aside to dry. Then I inked it up again and left it over night. Today I will finish up the texture and sanding part. Then I will be cutting them into the size I need them for the pages. But for the page you see here I did ink and heat it to dry because I REALLY wanted to have a page for my Technique Tuesday! And TA DA! I did it!!! There are now over 50 technique pages. Click here to view them. You can purchase the CD's of the first two sets of pages for use in your technique clubs or classes by going to my web store. Just click here to enter the store.
This is such a cool looking background. It has an old world look to it.    
Thank you SO much for visiting my blog today, Wanda


Mrs Bs Blog said...

Great technique, may have to try this when I get the chance. xxx

Sara Paschal said...

Need to give this one a try also, looks very pretty.