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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thanksgiving Gifts Weekend Project

I have had this little project tucked away for a long time now and after seeing the Caramel Hershey Kisses I thought it was a good time to give it a try. I found it at Laurie's blog "Clearly Delightful" way back in the beginning of September. Nothing like getting to things right away!!! LOL Ummm, I was waiting for the right project??? Chocolate was hard to find!!! LOL You buying any of this??? LOL How about, just TOO much stuff going on and too many projects to do?? That is more like it. But at least I got to it before the end of the year!!!

If you check out the link above you will find the easy to follow instructions for these boxes. I made mine for my Stamper's 10 Club members for this month! I did purchase the boxes and I have some left too. You will be able to find them in my store as soon as the webmaster gives me the link. That should be within 24 hours. They are 3 for $1.50 plus 60 cents postage. Click on the photo for a closer view.

I did the wording on the computer and used the Stampin' Up! oval punches. I attached them directly to the box using Dimentionals. Then I tied on the ribbon and formed a bow. Simple as that!!! Oh and I did turn my candies on the side instead of stacked on top of each other. The scored strip doesn't matter which way you put the candies in. I liked that!!!

If you go to Debbie's Stampin' Haven she has a Hershey Kiss Treat Box pattern and instructions that could be used for this project. It holds 5 kisses so you would have to adjust the acetate you insert from 7" to 11", scoring just under an inch for each score. Fold the same as or the one that holds 3 but keep going for the additional scores. You'll know how to fold it by looking at her folded one. You can use acetate to make the one at Debbie's so you can still see the candies. It isn't always necessary to purchase things when you can make it yourself!!! Though the purchased ones are nice because they save a lot of cutting time!!! And they take less candy!!! LOL

These were fun to make but all that scoring got a bit boring. So I would make one at a time so it didn't seem so bad. Once you get them folded, put the candy in and then look at it you think it's SO cute that you are ready to score another strip! Now I did 10 of them and before I started it I thought it would be a fun thing for a craft fair but I'm not a big fan of scoring and especially strips so I decided I was only going to do these 10 and that is why I have the rest of my boxes for sale!!!! I know, what a wimp!!! LOL

These make great gifts for teachers and can be used for almost any holiday!!! It all depends on how you decorate it!!!

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Elaine said...

These are sooo neat. I love that they show the candies inside!! Have you ever tried Fran's chocolates? They're wrapped pretty and ohhhhhhh sooooooo goooooood!!

Diane said...

Cute little gift project Wanda! You always have neat projects,you are soooo creative!

Amber said...

Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

What a great lil gift ...wonderful project and so adaptable for other holidays. It's a keeper...ty for sharing