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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Technique Page Faux Flannel

Here's another technique page for you!!! It's #12 in this second set of 20. I'm hoping to get the next 8 ones done in the next 3 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

This technique is called Faux Flannel and it REALLY does feel like flannel. You can use it as it is or you can stamp directly onto it.

Scrunch up your card stock, straighten it up and then scrunch it up again. Straighten it one more time. Now run it through your crimper several times in all directions. Picking up a corner separate or spilt the card stock. Run your bone folder over the card stock to remove as much of the crimping as possible. The inside of the card stock is your new "flannel" surface. You can use it as a background or you can stamp on it and use it as a focal piece.

This is very fun to do and I did find that some colors of card stock are more difficult to scrunch than others. For those colors I just run them through the crimper more and then scrunch again and run them through the crimper one last time. It seems to work just fine doing it that way.

Well, stay tuned for the new pages to come and for more cards and gift type items!!!

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StampinCathy said...

I never thought about putting it through the crimper. Great tip!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks and feels like fun . I had a blast trying this. Ty for sharing.

NeedsARibbon said...

Looks like a fun new technique. So what you are basically saying is you are breaking up the fibers of the CS to make them fuzzy? Yes, I can see that some colors are going to be less fuzzy then. Fun - perfect for a day of incredible cold outside!