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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birdie Frames!!!

I call these my birdie frames because they were "cheap, cheap, cheap!!!" LOL DH and I were shopping together (yes, he went shopping with me!!!) at Joann's. Our mission was to get our 8 x 10 photos framed. There was this coupon..... you know that story!!! This coupon was for 60% off their custom framing. It was for our "entire" custom framing. We wanted 4 photos framed. And then it turned out to be 5 because I REALLY wanted the cute one of the cats framed too and he agreed (Shocker!!).

There was a line at the custom framing counter so we waited there. Gazing at all the frame styles and colors. I look to the right and all of the framed art was 50% off. Hmmm. The light bulb went on and I call DH over to discuss my bright idea. I took out one of the photos and it fit nicely in the frame area. SOOO the quest then was for 4 more frames on and now we needed a cart too!!! We found the frames and I looked on the back to see if what we wanted to do could be done. I was pretty sure it could but if anything we'd just have to return the other 4 frames we didn't disassemble!!! LOL

On the way to the checkout line (which is always long!) I remembered that there was some other sale going on too. I look in my purse for the "other" coupon and I found it. It was for $15 off a purchase of $75 or more. Well, with 5 frames that wasn't an issue. The bottom line was we got 5 frames for $90. Now our living room wall has sat bare for well over 10 years. I was waiting (patiently) for the right stuff for that wall. When we moved in the house it had glass squares on the 22' wall that went over the stairway too. That was just nasty to clean over the stairs. The reason the squares came off the wall was because they were not only outdated but because the guy we hired to paint the ceiling cracked one. It was a small piece of glass not a big square but it was still cracked. We had extra pieces somewhere but we never did locate them. SO plan B was to remove all the squares. What a job that was but it got done and the wall got primed. There was some damage to the wall but not much. Because the wall is so long it shows all it's imperfections so I hired someone to put up this really nice (neutral) wallpaper that is meant to hide those imperfections and it did. But it was still an empty wall. Well, it will no longer be empty. We got the photos in the frames and later tonight our plans are to put the frames on the wall. Should that happen I will take a picture of it so you can see our handy work. There is one photo I'm not fond of, to me it's too dark but DH likes it so it may have to stay there until I whine enough about it that he finally gives in and lets me change it!!!! LOL Or maybe it will just grow on me, who knows. I suppose I should respect that he likes it and leave it. That would be the proper thing to do, wouldn't it? I HATE being proper!!! LOL

Ok so onto the reason for this post. I took the pictures from the frames and cut away some pieces off them to make cards. "Birdie Cards??" LOL My friend Katie will be happy with me that I was able to recycle the pictures instead of trash them!!! Right Katie???

I cut the pictures (which look a bit vintage to me) to 3-7/8" x 5-1/8". Then I took some Blush Blossom and cut it 5-1/4" x 4". I don't use Blush Blossom much at all but I thought it would work well with my card. I layered it on top of Bravo Burgundy. Those colors along with the artwork go perfectly together. Don't you agree??
Here is one of the frames. Not one for the living room wall but the most adorable one of two of my cats. These cats are buddies. This is the first time they laid like that and they haven't done it since. I was fortunate to have my camera next to me at the time. They were laying on my legs while I was in the recliner. Aren't they just adorable???

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krystalpurple said...

What cute cats! I love what you did with the cards... Great frames! Love it when they're cheap.

LeAnne said...

Great creativity! Love the kitties too!

kat said...

Well, you sure had a satisfying trip to Joann's, didn't you? I'm glad it all worked out so well for you cuz your kitties are darling in their new frame! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Charlene H. said...

Super idea! I love your cats. I should have known you were a cat person.

Unknown said...

What a great bargain, how fun to have DH with you in the craft store. (Mine goes to Shopko for a bit while I look through Hobby Lobby he can't stand me picking up everything and reading about it. LOL!! Wonderful frames.

Laura Bush said...

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