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Sunday, November 09, 2008

"Family" Frame

I had several people ask me where I got the frame on my wall. It's such a fun frame, isn't it?

I got it through LTD Commodities last year. But I just checked and if you click on that link it will take you directly to that page it's on. It was only $20!!!! Shocker, huh? I signed up with this company under my business name. I'm not sure if they are still business orientated yet or not. You'll have to check. I do remember that someone at our church would use the church as their place of business (name and address) so they could get the catalog. I authorized my sisters to be purchasers and when the order the boxes come to me because it's my business. Catalogs will come in the mail (to my house) but in their names. You'll have to check if they sell to the public or if it's just to businesses.

This frame is kind of weird though, it actually folds in half!!! The pictures go on the metal using some type of magnetic ball clasps on the back. You can have the frames go in any direction too, which is very nice because not all photos are horizontal or all vertical. It was fun putting the photos in the frames and one of these days I may even mat the photos!!! I just put them in the frames so I wouldn't misplace them or they wouldn't get damaged.

It was fun finding all the photos to put in the frame too. It takes FOREVER though. It's not like you pick out some photos and put them in the frames. NO, you have to look though ALL of them and take that proverbial trip down memory lane every time you open the photo container up. LOL But it's so worth it.

For those of you who want a frame like this I hope you are able to purchase them. I really do like mine.

Thanks for asking!

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