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Friday, November 07, 2008

A BIG Oops!!

As I was reading through all the comments for the blog candy I always delete the duplicates. Duplicates just happen, I know I've done that myself and I just delete them. Well, here's what happened. When I deleted them I didn't pay attention and I had checked the boxes of the ones I had already read and when I hit delete they were deleted too.
SO if you don't see your comment on the blog candy post please repost or email me and I will forward you what you wrote so you don't have to type it all again.
Could it be the stuffed head from this cold thing I just caught a couple of days ago?? I rarely catch anything. And my voice, well ..... I don't have much of one and I'm sure DH is enjoying that but would NEVER say!! LOL

I am SO sorry about the error.

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