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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Smell Something!!!! Weekend Project

This is one of those projects you need to have a little bit of machinery to play with. Click on the photo to view it closer.

Here is what you need to make these:

Stampin' Up! "Fun Pun" set (skunk)
Black Staz-0n ink
Band saw or scroll saw
White Gel Pen
Colored marker for flower
Aromatic Cedar board
Dril with a small bit
Old scissors or wire cutters
Crystal Effects

I took the piece of cedar board and stamped the skunk on it. Then I lightly drew a line around it so I could have a guide for sawing. I was making several of these so after I made the first one I traced the cut out on onto a piece of acetate and cut it out with a scissors. Then after I stamped each one I just set the acetate in place and traced around it. It made the tracing part go quicker and all the pieces are cut pretty close to the exact same size. I say pretty close because cutting on a band saw (when I cut anyway) nothing is ever exactly the same. It its close enough though!!!

After I got done cutting them out I took a file and sanded the edges on the back side. They are always rough from the band saw blades. Then I drilled a hole in each one on the top just above the skunks head.

Then I took a marker and colored in the flower. The marker soaked into the wood nicely and there wasn't any need to spray on a fixative. Not that would have wanted to do that. I think it would seal in that side and it wouldn't smell like cedar anymore!!!

I took the brad and cut off the prongs. I added a dot of Crystal Effects and pushed the prong into the wood. There is a bit of prong left and that is the part that gets pressed into the wood. It lays nicely after you press it into the wood.

I then took the white gel pen and colored in the three area on the skunk, the top of the head, the back and the tail. The gel seems to dry almost instantly.

I took a piece of hemp and threaded it through the hole and tied a knot. It's now ready for a drawer or for hanging.

Isn't this little stinker just adorable???

If you don't have access to a band saw or scroll saw you can get little squares of aromatic cedar and stamp on them. You don't need an electric drill to make the holes either. There are hand drills out there that work just fine. I had gotten one at a craft and hobby store several years back and it was just under $10. And it came with drill bits. They are standard bits too so you can pick them up anywhere they sell drill bits!!! How convenient is that???

These little stinkers make great gifts!!! I LOVE the smell of cedar in my closets!

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MJ said...

You have made me want to pull out the old scroll saw. Haven't used it in years! These are adrable.

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

This is great Wanda!! Thanks for sharing!!

Cheryl said...

I do believe that you are the most creative (thus your blog title) person on the web!!! Love this project Wanda.

Amber said...

Those are so cute! I love skunks!!

Anonymous said...

These are so stinkin' CUTE!! :) TFS!

Anonymous said...

Wanda, those are WOW!!! I too, haven't used my scroll saw in years! This sure does inspire me to get out in the shed and pull it out! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Well this is one where that saying goes "Too Stinkin' Cute" Thank you for sharing are amazing.

NeedsARibbon said...

Hmm...I agree cedar has a certain "memory quality" smell! Nice idea. TFS

Anne Marie Peterson said...

These little stinkers are adorable, Wanda!
Anne Marie

Lorraine said...

Great idea Wanda. I may just have to get my husband to clean off the band saw for that !!! Thanks so much for sharing.