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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Technique Page, Thumping Technique

Here is #13 in this second set of 20 technique pages. It won't be long until this set is complete. For those of you waiting patiently for me to finish them so you can purchase them I apologize for not getting them done sooner. I should have this second set done in a few weeks.

SO onto this technique. It's a very easy and fun one that has come creative end results. Especially if you use bright colored markers! It's all in the image you use!! I just chose the little pine tree since I was making so many samples and I needed to speed this process up a bit.

Ink your image with a classic water-base dye ink pad. Using a coordinating color of marker begin thumping the marker on the stamp. Hold the marker as you would a drumstick and just tap/thump away until you are satisfied with the results. Huff on the rubber and stamp the image on your card stock.

Have some fun with this technique, especially with the trees. You can add lots of fall colors to trees using this method. But keep in mind you will want to start out with your lightest color markers so they don't pick up too much unwanted color.

Thanks SO much for stopping by,


Diane said...

That looks awesome Wanda!

Anonymous said...

Wanda, How do you ink the edges of your cardstock? I have tried taking the ink pad and brushing it. I have tried taking a makeup sponge and dabbing it on. Nothing looks like yours. Could you share your technique?

Thanks, Jodi