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Monday, November 19, 2007

Stamping Top 50 Blog Candy Winner!

WOW, there are a lot of REAL wishes out there. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to grant them all to you??? A read a couple of other wishes out there that I would like too. That new (and totally organized) stamping room would be ideal. I think the Nestibilities would be fun too!!! I just think I want it all. LOL

Here's something funny I have to share with you. I am always seeing "stuff" and saying that I want it. Well, DH sometimes takes me seriously, especially during the holidays. But he doesn't understand that I just want it. I don't want to own it. I just want to want it and he just doesn't understand that, bless his heart!!! LOL If I actually got everything I wanted, where would I put it all??? But actually I do enjoy just wanting to want things. I came to this reality once when I wanted a knitting machine SO bad. And DH, being the sweet person he is took me out a couple of days after a HUGE blizzard here. We drove for over an hour on partially icy roads to get me this knitting machine. I do like to use it but I must say, it was WAY more fun wanting it than having it.

Ok for the moment you've all been waiting for. WHO gets the Blog Candy????? The lucky winner is debby (her name was spelled using a small "d") and here is her comment:

Congrats on hitting the big 50 mark on your blog.What I really really want is to win the lottery tonight. Then hubby could quit work. Debby

Debby, please email me with your snail mail address by Friday and I will get the package out in the mail to you. If you are not in the continental United States I will not be able to mail it until late next week.

Thank you all for leaving your comments. Hang in there though, should Debby not contact me by Friday I will be offering it up again on a second chance drawing.

Thank you all for playing!

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