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Monday, November 26, 2007

I am just loving this "Season of Joy" set. I wonder if my sister remembers I borrowed it from her??? LOL

Here is another card I made using that set and the tree. Yes, there are other stamps in the set and I will be playing with a few of those before I give this set back to my sister. Along with the cards I made from it!! Lucky her!!

The technique here is direct to rubber. I used markers to color in the tree, star and trunk. The star could have been left off, the jeweled brad hides it. I got it all put together and thought the tree could use a bit more finesse so I added some tiny rhinestones to it and it was exactly what it needed. The striped paper is the designer paper from the fall mini catalog and the top dots are handmade. I used the Dotted background stamp on Always Artichoke card stock and embossed the dots in white. This was another quick and simple card to make.

I did use dimensionals under the tree layers. The green velvet ribbon stuck up just enough to not allow the layers to stick to the background. Dimensionals fixed the problem and the card looks much better with it.

I have an update on my cat. He seems to be doing better. I let him out of the bedroom today. He seemed more energetic and he actually wanted to eat. I was informed a cat can go anorexic pretty quick so I had to make sure he ate. If he was going to die I'd rather see him go via the bladder problem than by starvation. I have a blanket on the bed and he even jumped up on the bed to lay on the blanket. So from this alone he's improving. DH and I had to give him a bath yesterday. We only washed the lower half of him. Boy to they have tiny little rat tails when they are wet!!! LOL He did let us wash him. He's such a nice kitty and SO mellow. He didn't like the blow dryer so we had to let him air dry. But he did smell much better. He may need another one tomorrow and I'm sure that one won't be as easy as the first one was!!! I'll be sure to let you know!!! I can just see it now. A half sopping wet cat flings from my arms and runs through the house leaving a trail of soapy water.

Ok, back to the card. If you have this set (or are getting this set) I do highly recommend it. It is very easy to work with. It has 8 stamps in the set and there is a LOT you can do with it. I will post a couple more cards later this week. I actually have more time this week to play!

Thank you SO much for stopping by,


Linda SS said...

I really love that card...the color, bling, and uncluttered clean style. I'm so happy to hear that your pretty green-eyed kitty is feeling better! I was so afraid to ask you how he is doing as my sister and a friend both had to put their dogs down recently and I just didn't want to hear anymore sad news. Thank you so much for the happy update:)

Susie said...

Beautiful card, Wanda.

Unknown said...

This is wonderful, I love it!

Kathy H said...

What a great idea for the background! Your sister will love this!
Kathy H

Dorothy said...

VERY pretty. Classy card! Thanks for sharing!
P.S. I wish I had a sister like yours! LOL

Debbie said...

Hi Wanda,
Glad to hear your cat is doing better.
That is a great set...I am hoping to use mine more soon.
Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful........I love the green ribbon! You're so good! Have a great day...stay's cold out there! Anniebananie

Melissa said...

Very cute! I have this set too and have been using it like crazy. I'm so glad I got it!

Diane said...

Gorgeous card Wanda!!!