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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!

I'd have to say that these bids for the Blog Candy are SO tempting!!! From Halloween Candy, the wrappers and even last years Halloween Candy to smelly tennis shoes and weeds from KY!!! If this wasn't a random drawing and I had to pick one it sure would be difficult. They're all SO tempting!!! LOL I LOVE the unmatched socks. I like to wear black or dark blue socks and when I don't find the match I toss the one back in the laundry. Sad part of that is when the mate shows up it's darker than the other one that keeps gettign tossed back in the wash. SO they are mated again but they no longer match!!! I did finally stop doing that. With the colored socks anyway!! LOL

Ok. Ok. The luck winner is . . . . Linda SS and here is the comment she left.

Hi Wanda:) My sweet neighbor gave us some jars of grape juice she made from her vines, but I swear she must have added a package of ex-lax to her recipe. Are you thirsty or "bound up"? I'll send over some grape juice:) Thanks so much for re-offering that great stamp set.

Thank you Linda and as tempting as that offer is I will pass on the juice. I have better things to do than to spend the day in the bathroom!!! Though I suppose one could set up a tv tray in the bathroom, there's an outlet in there for the heat gun. Hmmm. Ok thought it over and the answer is still no!!! LOL

Please email me your snail mail address and I'll get the stamps off to you.

Thank you all for playing. More Blog Candy coming this week! And next week and the week after that too!!!


Jayme Downs said...

Congrats Linda!!! :)

Linda SS said...

Thanks so much, Wanda! I love the stamp set & will send an email. ((HUGS))

Rosella said...

I had to chuckle when I read her entry! Congratulations! Enjoy those lovely stamps!

Anonymous said...

Conagratulations Linda!
I can't imagine why Wanda turned down your offer...she even said she has an outlet for the heat gun :)