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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Handmade Update!

I was asked by one of my readers, DaisyDaze for the "recipe" for the "Handmade Designer Paper" card I posted last night.

You will need a half sheet of Soft Sky card stock, folded in half. On top of that you will attach a piece of white card stock 3-1/4" x 5-1/2". You can stamp your wording on before or after you affix it. I usually do it before in the event I get it crooked, I drop the stamp touch it to the paper when trying to line it up. Anything can happen when you stamp!!! It usually does happen to me!!! LOL For this particular card I would wait because you need to wrap ribbon around the card stock before taping it all in place. Next you will stamp the "Floral" background image on a piece of white card stock measuring 3" x 5-1/2" using the Soft Sky ink pad. Let it dry for a minute, it dries pretty fast. Ink up your "Sanded" background stamp and stamp the image on the backside of the Floral one. Now I'm not sure what she did but here is how I would CASE it. I would affix the left side of the Handmade Designer Paper to the top of the white piece. Line it up so it's even. You will eye were you want the fold to start. On this card it starts one inch from the left side and the top right side is about one inch also. The fold is taped in place. Two flowers are punched out, one in Soft Sky and one in white. They are taped in place and a button added to the center. I use Crystal Effects to affix my buttons. Tie the ribbon around the two layers and set them in place. It's basically a pretty simple card to make and it's SO elegant looking.

DaisyDaze, your 110# card stock will work just fine. It may be just a little more difficult to fold but a bone folder should aid you in getting a nice sharp and flat crease.

Have fun making this card!

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