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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bad Weather

We had a little bad weather on Monday night. Here's a view of what we saw (only though the camera lens) in the dark. It hailed for over 5 minutes. My car was outside and it's full of dents. I'll be making a call to the insurance company later in the week. I'm assuming they are swamped with calls right now. It's not like it's not drivable! My flower beds looks like a fancy salad!! LOL And the lawn is ankle deep in green leaves. SO sad but it could have been a lot worse.

The first picture if in the backyard. Click on it to see it closer. The hail piled up from taking a ride down the gutters! It was pretty thick back there in that one spot. It was about that deep in front of the garage door too! Unreal!!!

The second photo shows how big the hail balls were. That's a quarter in the middle. The color of it looks like a penny but I assure you it is a quarter. Look who's face is on the coin, you'll see!!! LOL HUGE, aren't they??? One city over reported golf ball size hail. Ok, now where do you even hide from ones that huge????

And no, I didn't go out there while it was hailing. I waited until it was done. I waited until the rain was pretty much done too so I'm sure these were larger than this but when I got out there this was how big they were!!

When I was in middle school I went on a walk for charity. It was called "A Walk for Mankind." It was a 22 mile walk. During the walk it started to rain and then it hailed. Now those were pea size hail and I'm talking tiny peas. There was no shelter, we were on a walk and at that time we were in the country. Those little tiny hail balls hurt when they hit and I don't even want to begin to imagine how much these things would hurt. But the coolest thing was when I went out there to get them I could see my breath! Almost like winter!!!

And a reminder here to my DH!!! When the sirens go off it doesn't mean to pull the covers up around your neck and go back to sleep!!!


Unknown said...

Holy heck you guys got hit hard, I was woke up early because of a storm but nothing like this, WOW! Good luck with your car, hope no more damage is found.

Debby said...

Wanda, I am a little over an hour north of St. Cloud and was missed completely by the storm. We got some strong winds but that was all. 7 miles away was hit pretty hard and all around that. wish we would of gotten the rain, we really need it.