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Friday, August 31, 2007

Priceless Butterfly!

I am posting this a bit early today because I am leaving in a little while to go up north for the night. A day of rest and relaxation. A campfire and a place to put my feet up!!! Now if I had someone there to rub them while I had them up it would be heaven!!! But I'll take what I'm getting and I know I will enjoy it!! OK, on with this post.
I am SO loving this "Priceless" set. I've barely begun to use it. I have lots of ideas for this set, I just wish I had lots of time to do what I want with it!! Does anyone have any spare time they're willing to send me??? LOL I asked for some for Christmas last year and didn't get it. I'll ask again but this time I'm going to have a backup gift too!!! LOL
Again this is a quick and simple card. I think it takes me longer to get the inks, cut the card stock and gather my supplies than it did to make the card.

The only part I'm not liking is the center of the butterfly. I may come back in on it with the Chocolate Chip marker and fill it in. It seems to be a bit blah there and I think that may be just what it needs. Other than that I'm liking the card. I'm also liking all the glitter EVERYWHERE!!! Don't you just love how that stuff just spreads everywhere??? So it was a sparkle day today!

I got this most wonderful glue pen. It's much like the gel pen. It's got a roller ball and it allows you to put the glue in fine areas. That was how I was able to put the glitter on where I did. I use to put glue on a plastic surface and used a tooth pick to add the glue. This was nice, it saved a LOT of time. The glue pen is called "Quickie Glue" and it has a pinpoint roller! You just draw where you want the glue to go. It's blue glue until it dries and then it's clear. Such a fun item!

Thank you for stopping by. Please have a fun and safe holiday weekend,


dasimonds said...

Simple and Very Beautiful !
I like the black mat.. It makes everything "pop". Love your little butterfly..and all your glitter.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card! Have a wonderful time while you're away!

Hey Hey Paula said...

Pretty card. I ordered this set & am waiting for it to arrive. Can't wait.

Michele Kovack said...

What a pretty butterfly! Love it!!!

jodene said...

Lovelt card. Have a great weekend.

Heather P. said...

This is so pretty! LOVE the sparkle! :)