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Monday, August 06, 2007

Eye On the Counter!

Keep your eye on the counter. If you see it exactly at 100,000 copy and paste it onto your desktop or to an email and send it off to me via email.

Because this is a big milestone for me, the lucky person will receive a Coluzzle Circle cutter, Swivel Knife and a Cutting Mat (under the knife). You are still eligible to win the Blog Candy too, it's a random drawing so it is possible for you to win both! SO keep your eye on the counter and copy it and send it off to me .

I will move the counter up towards the top of the blog so you can see it easier!

Good luck to you!


Selina said...

Wanda - you have the best cards and an awesome sense of humor (love the little puzzles), making an incredible blog...Congrats on your hits, what a milestone!!!

Nikki Bond said...

Well I'm too late to see your counter hit 100,000...its at 100,016 now! I wonder who the lucky person is....what a AWESOME milestone though! You go girl! I love visiting your blog for all the wonderful inspirations. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Dawn said...

Website Counter

Hit Counter 100035
Noticed this as I checked your blog this morning at 8:15!

Dawn said...

100035 at 8:15 am today.

Wackie said...

Geez, counter is already at 100,063. Guess I was too late.

Rosella said...

I'm too late for your 100,000 blog counter, but you said we could post for your other blog candy. Not sure if this is the place.
Congratulations! I enjoy coming by.

Katia said...

At 6:30, I have send you a mail but with the counter 100, was the first person ;-)))

Stampin_Melissa said...

Wow, well, I guess I totally missed seeing it! It is at 100374 now and yesterday when I checked it was about 950000. That is just awesome! Congrats!