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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Nearing 100,000 Hits!!!

My blog is nearing the 100,000 hits mark. I will be doing two blog candies for this fun event!!! It's SO exciting to see!! Speaking of "seeing," I'm going to be doing the "Eye on the Counter" again. Who ever sees the blog hit 100,000 hits will copy the picture or do a print page and email me with it. You will receive some nice Blog Candy along with the regular Blog Candy drawing. And yes, you could possibly win both if your post is drawn. I will be posting the details tomorrow and the 100,000 hits Blog Candy will be posted when the blog actually reaches 100,000 hits. So if you want to speed this up come back often or visit some of my older posts, tutorials and/or patterns. The counter counts all pages viewed!!

1 comment:

Debby Winters said...

100,000! WOW...I am just waiting for my counter to reach 1000! lol.