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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blog Candy!

My blog has hit and surpassed the 100,000 mark!!! Thanks to all of you faithful visitors! I have lots of new things to post in the upcoming weeks. And I will also be posting some Blog Candy tomorrow night to commemorate the 100,000 hits! I have to find something fun for you to do for the Blog Candy. Everything comes with a price!!! LOL I have some pressing business and am unable to get to it tonight. I have a fabulous HP scanner that is not cooperating with my Windows VISTA. HATE that program. I'm slowly learning it and as I learn it I shake my head and wonder why they felt the need to change some of the things they did when it all gets you back to where you wanted to be in the first place. But the first place took a bit of looking around to get to. New names for old things. Personally I feel I the program is wasting my time. Don't they realize that we like familiarity? Some change is good but not like this. I need to jump on my computer and go. NOT with Windows VISTA. Most of my favorite software is now obsolete and I MUST purchase upgrades or new programs. Such a waste too. It's all totally frustrating. And the sad thing is we can't do anything about it. WOW, what a rant that was!!!! Wait till I tell how how I REALLY feel!!!

Check back tomorrow and I'll have the blog candy posted!! And your mind challenging task!! Can't forget that!

Thanks to all of you!

In response to Pat S. No, I didn't upgrade to Windows VISTA. It came with the computer. I could remove it and put Windows XP on but eventually I will have to use the VISTA. This operating software also does not come on a restore disk. You MUST make your own. It required a rewritable CD but it won't record to it. After much time on the phone with company I am told I need to put it on a DVD. And if I lose that disk, well . . . it's going to cost a lot of money to get a new Windows Vista to restore my computer. Makes me want to make two copes. I mean, what if one gets scratched??? And from what I figured, should my hard drive crash and I need to purchase a new one I might or might not be able to install the software on to it. All this because people were sharing their copy of Windows. Maybe if they make the cost of it less everyone could afford their own!! Oops, ya got me going again!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda!
I don't know the background of your trouble with Vista. Did your computer come with Vista loaded, or did you upgrade to Vista?

If it was an upgrade, you can reload the other version. Be sure to read this first:

Denise said...

Wow, Wanda, am I glad I just read all your comments on Vista! I'm expecting a new computer in a couple of weeks and wouldn't have known that! Maybe hubby would, I'll have to ask. Anything else you want to share about your Vista will be welcome by me!