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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Make Your Own Fun Flowers!

Ok, get out that scrap paper. Here's a great project to use up some of those pieces. Using the punch from the "Three For You" punch box kit, punch out your flowers. Depending on the size of your scrap card stock you can get one to three flowers per punch. I don't recommend using more than one layer of card stock at a time. It could ruin your punch.

The first time I used my punch it got oil on my card stock. It took 3 punches to get it off. Oil is good for your punches but you need to make sure you wipe it off. Mine was factory oil. I wasn't aware it was there and ruined my flowers.

Ok, for the flowers. After you punched them out place one in the palm of your hand and cup your hand a little. Then take the end of your gel pen and rub the flower in the center, clockwise or counter-clockwise. The flower will curl up. This is a very quick process. Once the flower is curled I used the Mat Pack and tool and poked a hole in the center of the flower and then added the brad. I did have to turn the points of the brads a bit to hide them. You can also take a pair of scissors (ones you don't care about) and snip the ends of the brad. They do cut nicely.

For the leaves I punched out a green flower and cut a pie shaped piece out. I glued the rounded end under the flowers. See the photo in the above post.

I played around with the flowers and snipped between each petal. That added a nice effect too. You can punch them out of white and sponge the edges to what ever color you need. I will try to get a close-up photo of it for you.

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Have fun with these.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda,

this sounds like a cute idea! but do you have a picture or anything to show us that need to be visually stimulated? As always thanks for a great blog filled with wonderful ideas!

Anonymous said...

This sounds awesome..thanks and can't wait for the photo!!!!

Anonymous said...

great idea, can't wait to see picture..