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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Feeling Better!

I handmade card to a friend who is recovering from surgery us just the ticket to help them mend quicker!!! Actually I believe any time you send someone a card whether they are ill or not is good medicine. Who do you know that wouldn't like to go to the mail box and find a card in there to them from you? It's such a nice gesture and it REALLY does make a difference in the life of the one you send it to. Try it sometime. Just send a card to someone today. Think of someone special to you. They don't have to be having a birthday, anniversary or are ill. Just a "Thinking of You" card is all you need to send out. I'm sure you have one around there. Better yet, search my blog and find one you'd like to copy and send them that one. Just scroll down on the right side of the screen to "Find it Here". Below those words you'll find a list of labels and "Thinking of You" is in there. Some may have "Happy Birthday" on them but they are suitable as a Thinking of You card just by changing the words.

I used the Cuddlebug circles folder on the background. The flowers were taken from a floral garland I bought at Michael's a while ago. The center of the flower is a large paper fastener from Office Depot. I heated it up and dipped it in brown embossing powder. The leaf under the flower petals is also from the floral garland. This was a pretty quick card to make.

Brighten someones day!

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Anonymous said...

What a bright cheery card!!It is sure to brighten someone's day.

I agree with you about it really making your day to find a hand made card in ht email amongst those "other" type of mail.

Thanks for sharing and for the little nudge toward simply posting a card for the heck of it!!

jodene said...

I love the colors!!!

Corie said...

This is so cute. I agree receiving handmade card is like receiving a little package of love!!!

Melissa said...

This is fabulous Wanda and I totally agree! I LOVE GETTING MAIL!! Just ask my husband - he thinks I'm crazy!