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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Altering "things" can be a lot of fun and sometimes it can be frustrating too!!

I found/purchased these cute little Sponge Bob note paper holders at Target in their Dollar Spot with the intentions of altering them. They went pretty well but the frustrating part of this was the decorative paper. Double sided paper is not as easy to work with when it comes to folding and fitting. But I did manage and this is what I came up with. The letters are from the "Alphabits" set and the flowers that I cut out were on the back side of the decorative paper I used.

I did remove the paper and added my own. It was leftover paper from an altered item I did some time ago. I used it because I thought it went well with the decorative paper. White paper inside would look fabulous too!

To figure out the decorative paper I just laid the item on the paper and rolled it until it met where I started. I added an inch extra for taping/gluing. I used the snips to cut away the top center part of the front. I then used an emery board to smooth off the edges.

I added the ribbon and then the lettering.

There's a lot of ways to decorate this cute little box and I believe you could use coasters and make your own too!

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Anonymous said...

The note paper holder is a cute idea, I'm always looking for little personal gifts to make.


Kristina Lewis said...

I love altered items! These are darling!

Anonymous said...

very cute. thanks for sharing with us