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Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Darling Donkeys, Birthday Card, 2021 Sale-a-Bration, Interactive Card, Technique Card

I have had this card sitting on my computer desktop for a few days now. I have wanted to make it but hadn't had the time. I was hoping that my computer wouldn't need rebooting or I'd lose it because I didn't bother to copy the link to save for later.  I would never do things that would make life easier for me!! LOL Anyway it was on my computer and today I had time to do it.  The link to the card is here and there's a link there to a video on how to make this technique.

I used all the same papers for my card that were in the original card. I did color my donkey a little different and I used ribbon I had on hand that matched.  

This was fun to make and it was pretty easy too.  I do like how it turned out though there would be a few things I'd do differently.  I would add something to the front of the Bermuda Bay rectangle on the front of the card. It's empty and looks like the card isn't finished. I would cut that bottom piece a bit wider so  I could move the donkey over more, thinking that it would allow the donkey to move even more.  

The magnets I used were very thin but they were larger, so I added it to the face of the donkey and not the muzzle.  After making the one I think there would be a way to not have to use the magnets. They are only there because it made it easy to line up the donkey and the white moveable paper. I would think punching out a few 1/4" circles and gluing them together would work. Attach it as you would the magnet and then feel where it is on the card stock and mark it with a pen or a pin, whichever because no one is going to see it.  

I was happy that I got it to work the first time out!  Sometimes I have to redo the technique because of some odd thing I did wrong.  

I think this would be a fun technique to use for a children's card and I will probably give it another try sometime in the future.

I do like that it all fits on a regular size card. Some of these techniques end up too large for a regular card. This was perfect and I like it.

Thank you SO very much for taking your time to stop by and take a look at this fun technique,                Wanda

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