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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Best of Everything

This is a total case of casing!!!  I was doing a search on Split Coast Stampers and I found this very fun looking card.  I'm not sure what caught my eye but there was just something about it that I really liked.  SO I got out the stamp set, the card stock, inks and markers.  I got out my punches, my brads and a pair of snips.  But I didn't have the decorative paper.  Or so I thought I didn't.  The paper came from the "Pocket Full of Posies" pack which I knew I didn't have.  SO I opened up my Digital Studio and there it was in there.  I don't remember ordering it but it was there.  I printed out the yellow sheet that was used in the original card and I was set.

I'm not a big fan of cutting little pieces of card stock out but I will do it if I don't have to do a lot of it.  So for two little flowers I just grinned and bared it!  It really wasn't bad to do it's just that when you don't like doing something, having to do it doesn't make it any better!!!  

The original card was done by Petal Pusher on Split Coast Stampers. It's pretty close to being exact!!  Like I said, there was just something about this card that I liked and new I wanted to copy it.  

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