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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Every Little Bit Friendship Card

It has been two weeks now since I decided to send out the "card a week" to friends.  So far I'm on track and I want to keep it that way.  So today I decided to make a card to send out for next week.  Then I have no excuse as to why I didn't get that card out!  I REALLY want to continue with the mailing a card a week.

I was looking though a file of cards I had been downloading for several years now and when I opened the file, this is the card that popped up.  I loved it back when I first saw it and still love it.  Michelle Woemer on Split Coast Stampers originally did the card.  I don't know where the image she used came from but it was a small palm tree.  Her card was done in greens.  I SO love the Marina Mist and I wanted to work that color into this fabulous layout!  My image, the cute little bird in the cage is from the "Every Little Bit" set.  That is such a fun set to play with and this layout is PERFECT for sets with smaller images!  

It was fun putting all the punched pieces together too.  I pretty much followed Michelle's layout.  A few of the circles are up on Dimensionals.  The birdcage one is and the Sarah Sand circle above the birdcage one.  

A tip on dying your satin ribbon.  If you want the color to match the card stock a bit more closely, you really do need to soak the ribbon for a couple of hours.  I often use a two to one ratio with the ink and water.  Two drops of ink to one drop of water.  But when soaking for a longer amount of time you can get by with a one to one ratio.  When I dye the ribbon I often let it just air dry and I don't wring it out either.  I want the color to be rich enough to match.  If I let the ribbon air dry I will just iron it smooth.  And if I don't have time to let it air dry then I will dry it with the iron.  It dries it and smooths it out in one easy step.  But be sure to put something under the ribbon so the ink doesn't go through to your ironing board pad.  I usually use several layered paper towels. I iron them first to make sure they are smooth!  I know, ironing paper towels and I won't even iron hubby's shirts!!!! LOL

It's really hard to see in the photo but I did use my Martha Stewart scoring board for the lines under and off to the sides of the ribbon.  It is SO much like the new Stampin' Up! one that I could not justify replacing it.  The Martha Stewart one also has a triangle piece that slides in on the back side for making envelopes or for angled lines.  I do like the markers on the new Stampin' Up! one.  I did buy them and broke off the nubs on the back.  I just add  some double sided tape and I can mark my Martha Stewart one when I need to have spots marked for multiple scorings.  I really did like that feature on the new Stampin' Up! one but like I said, it was just too much like the Martha Stewart one to justify replacing it.  Anyway, I had scored on the card and maybe you can see them if you click on the photo for a larger view.  I made 9 score lines. I'm not sure if that was how many Michelle made but it looked like it was the right amount to cover the area I thought needed covering.
I was SO glad I ran across this card layout. I think it's a lot of fun and I would love to use it again this fall or Christmas!  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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Mary said...

I love how simple and clean your card is, great for mailing, lol! Thanks for the tip on dyeing ribbon too, will have to try it out.