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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spooky Bingo Bits Meets Frightful Sight!

The Frightful Sight decorative paper is SO fun to play with.  I purchased the download and have been having fun with it.  I do SO love the downloads.  I can print out what I want, when I want.  And if I find a sheet that I like the most I have an endless supply!!! Well, till the ink or paper runs out!!! LOL  If you print out your papers PLEASE use at least a 28# to 32# copier paper.  The paper will look more like the nicer papers from Stampin' Up! and the color is a lot richer and truer too.

I LOVE the "Spooky Bingo Bits" set but I did not buy the bingo board image for it.  I just loved these little images and there are SO many layouts out there that will allow you to use the smaller images as your focal point without making them look too small to bother with.  This layout is prefect for these smaller images.  

This card was a lot of fun to make.  I am gearing up for fall now.  Not that I will make a fall card from now til I feel it's time to switch over to Christmas but I will be popping a few of them in now and then.  I've got several projects going on (yes, at one time - that is why nothing gets done on time!!!) and when I get them done I will certainly share them with you.  I'm also working on getting some fun stuff for Christmas lined up so you can create some fun and useful stocking stuffers and small gifts.  And in between all of that I'm just plugging along with every day life stuff too.  Personally I'd like the every day life stuff to take a back burner so I can just stamp and bead and play with my clay!!!  Wouldn't that be an ideal world?  LOL

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