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Monday, September 26, 2011

Haunted Forest Candle Weekend Project

I was very careful this year with my Halloween stamps buying.  I bought the new "Haunted Forest" stamp and I also picked up one stamp at Michael's and I'll be making a card with that one in a day or two.  I don't want to fill up my days till Halloween with Halloween cards, candles or other items.  I want to keep it at a nice variety of "stuff!" 

For this fun project you will need the following items:
A candle
Rubber stamp(s)
StazOn ink pad
Tissue Paper
Waxed Paper
Coloring medium (I used markers and colored pencils for the images 
    and sponging for the moon)
Heat embossing tool

I stamped my image on the tissue paper using the StazOn ink pad.  I find the ink does not bleed and it has a crisper look to it.

Next I colored the the image in.  First I used colored pencils and then I came back with markers.  After I was done coloring I sponged in the moon with Daffodil Delight, then More Mustard and then I added a touch of Pumpkin Pie.  

When you are done with the coloring you cut the image out within an 1/8" of the edges.  Set the image on the candle and place a piece of waxed paper over it.  Melt the image into the candle by running the heat tool over the area.  Go slow and keep the heat tool moving.  If you keep it in one spot too long you will get a dent in your candle and a lot of dripped wax.  It's best to hold the heat tool away from the image and let it melt the wax slowly.  Once you get better at it you can move the heat tool in closer and melt the images in faster.  You can see the image melt into the wax.  The waxed paper gets wet looking and the tissue paper looks like it's no longer white.  You will know what a melted area looks like as you go by with the heat tool.  Once you remove the waxed paper you may see some tissue paper still showing.  You can either cover the area with more waxed paper (a fresh piece) or you can heat the area directly (but be careful you don't hold the tool in one spot too long.  It's easy to do it when touching up, keep the tool moving). It's really not as bad as it sounds.  Get an inexpensive candle to practice with if you are not sure of yourself.  Try using a small votive candle or go to the Dollar Tree and get one there.  You can always use it for an emergency or for when you want to have a candle.  It won't go to waste and besides, it may just turn out and you will want to keep it!!! It could happen!!!

Click here for more stamped candle items. 

Have fun with these. I LOVE making these candles and I plan to make some Christmas ones for the craft boutique this fall.

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

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Devina said...

Very cute . . . . . I am going to have to try the technique one of these days.