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Monday, September 12, 2011

Upsy Daisy Friendship Card

I have not used the "Upsy Daisy" set in a while.  I LOVE it with the Spice Cake decorative papers!  

This is another card I am adding to my stack of cards to go out in my weekly cards to friends.  Normally I am cranking out the birthday cards because "one can always use birthday cards."  But now when I am not sure what "theme" to have for my cards I will be leaning a bit more towards the friendship cards. I'm now 3 weeks ahead in my friendship cards!!!  I LOVE it!!!  

This one will be going out in the mail in the morning.  I don't have any special order I'm sending them out in.  I just set the other two cards on the ledge in my workroom and will just be taking from the pile when it's time to send out the next card!  Of course I won't be keeping them on the ledge, it's so messy that I won't be able to find them when I need them!!!  

This was a very easy and fun card to make.  The Upsy Daisy stamp makes it easy to do a quick card!  Gotta love that!

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