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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Fold Friday Frostwood Lodge Weekend Project

I’m trying to get things back to “normal” here. We took a few days off earlier in the week to head on up to Duluth for some R&R.  It was nice to get away but it’s the coming back and catching up on things and trying to get back into the everyday routine stuff that is tough.  I did pre-post on my blog so you would have some fun things to look at.  And I was pre-posted up til today.  SO today being it’s the “Fun Fold Friday” post I have something not only fun but great for stocking stuffer’s or little gifts for your friends or coworkers.  I am making these to sell at the upcoming craft fair.  I LOVE making these and they are SO easy to do too.

For the one you are seeing here I took a piece of card stock and cut it 8" x 3".  Now this measurement is set for the tea bag I am using.  My tea bag measures 2-½" x 2-1/4".  The best way to determine the size of the card stock you will need is to take a piece of scrap copier paper and on the short side cut it a half inch longer than the tea bag.  Now take that strip and fold it around the tea bag and make sure you leave a 1/4" space more on the left flap (your first fold).  On the centerfold you will need to add 1/4" more and for the final flap you need to cut it to it will meet on the outside of the first fold you made.  This piece is generally the same size as the middle piece. 

On the flap I cut the angle 7/8" up from the bottom and all the way to the fold.  I just line the fold and the 7/8" mark I made on the flap and cut. 

I often make these using white card stock and a decorative wheel too.  I LOVE the snowflake wheel for these.  Today I opted to use decorative paper.  Mine is from the “Frostwood Lodge” download I purchased.  This one is #10 in the pack.  I printed it out on 30# copier paper.  You want to use at least a 28# paper but the higher the number the better quality print you will get. 

After I cut my cardstock I then cut the pieces of decorative paper 1/8" smaller (on two sides) and taped them in place. 

I glued the first panel on the bottom and the open edge.  I folded that panel in place and let the glue set up.  Then I glued the small 7/8" piece and the bottom of that panel and pressed it in place.  I let the glue set up a bit before I added the tea.  If the glue is not dry and you add the tea, the pressure of the tea bulging will cause the bottom to split open.  I don’t usually have that problem since I do about a dozen at a time and by the time I get to the first one it’s set up or even completely dry. 

Ok, once you’ve added the tea you can add the bellyband.  I just take a strip of card stock and I wrap it around the tea holder.  I never measure these because it’s easier to wrap, fold and glue.  Don’t glue the bellyband to the holder.  It needs to be slipped off, it’s mostly for decoration.  I am not sure how easy it would be to remove the tea if the band were glued or taped in place.  You can give it a try but to me it’s just another step I don’t want to do.  If you do not glue that angled flap down then you need to make sure the edge of the bellyband is caught under it so it will stay down.

You are now ready to decorate the front as you wish!  My words were done on the computer.  I also have 10 sheets of different wordings for cards that, when printed out, fit in the 1-1/4" circle punch.  You can purchase the download here.  You can print out as many as you like too!

You can add a personal greeting behind that front flap either on the inside of that angled flap or on the cardstock.  I add it to the lower part of the cardstock.  But for the craft fairs I just leave it blank. 

On the back of mine I add this little poem.  I print it onto a large 8-1/2" x 11" label and cut them to fit. The poem reads:
On Christmas Day
At half-past three
Have yourself a cup of tea.

I’ll think of you,
You’ll think of me
Sitting around the Christmas tree. 

Isn’t that a sweet little poem and SO perfect for this tea holder?

Personally I like making these without the decorative paper.  They go a lot quicker but then again they are not quite as pretty but they are pretty enough!

When I’m all done I seal them up in a 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" baggies and they are ready for the craft fair!

I hope you have fun with this and thank you SO much for visiting today,

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lisa808 said...

Darling little poem for the tea bag holder. tfs