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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's a Wrap Holidays Hershey Halloween Candies Weekend Project

I absolutely LOVE these It's a Wrap stamp sets!!!  I had to buy both!  I will be getting a LOT of use out of both sets!!! 

I made these for my stampers today.  I think they will like them, who wouldn't.  And these are made using the Toffee and Almond Hershey Nuggets.  YUM!!!

These are great for little gifts too.  Make some for your customers, co-workers, friends, the mail carrier, UPS deliverer and even your family!!

I did make these using a strip of copier paper around the candy first.  Hershey has some issues with sticky things attached to their wrapper. It's has something to do with the sticky stuff contaminating the chocolate through their wrapper.  Plus they have a copyright on the wrapper and you're not suppose to permanently cover it up.  Belly bands are the safest way to go! Plus it makes it easier to get the wrapper off too!

I will be making some more Halloween ones and in a couple of months I will be making Christmas ones!!  And in January I will be making the Mr & Mrs ones for our sons wedding.  Well, not for the wedding itself but for the grooms dinner!  I am SO looking forward to making those!!!
Aren't these fun?  Go make some fun too!

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