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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Swapping, Swapping, Swapping!

I'm trying to work on a card for an upcoming swap. I came up with this one but it's not really doing it for me. The pink background may need some dotted swiss texturing or a light background stamp. It just looks TOO plain and empty. I think that is what I'm not liking about it. But if I use the dotted swiss texture then the words will look funny and I don't want them on a layer because the hearts are on a layer. SO I guess I just solved my choice problem, it's a stamped background. But what???

To make this card I used Pink Pirouette and Whisper White card stock. I used Riding Hood Red ink and the Riding Hood Red ribbon. I added a few Dimensionals and a few dots with the white gel pen on the scallops. There is not much to this card and maybe that is some of the problem I am having with it????

I will try to rework it and see what else I can come up with!!

Thanks for your patience with me on this one!!


Susie said...

Adorably sweet. Love the layout.

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous!! Love the hearts and the yummy ribbon adds a nice splash of color!! :)

Atty said...

I think you card is really cute. Maybe you could stamp the background lightly with more hearts.

Atty said...

I think your card is really cute. Maybe you could stamp the background lightly with some hearts, in shades of pink and red.

Anonymous said...

Wanda, this card is beautiful just as it is. Thanks for the idea.


Anonymous said...

Wanda, I love it and think this is perfect the way it is. I wouldn't change a thing! Absolutely beautiful!! :)
Have a sparkling day!

Anonymous said...

I like it like that! But maybe if you'd like to add something you could try some versamarck little motifs?

Terry Molineux said...

Why don't you use our dot background stamp in white?
but, I love it just the way it is!!!

bensarmom said...

This is gorgeous, I wouldn't change anything. You don't want to take away from your hearts.

Charlene H. said...

What if you tried stamping your sentiment onto a piece of PP carstock and layered it with the Riding Hood Red but didn't pop it up. Your hearts are popped up but the sentiment would be layered but laying flat on the card. Hope that makes sense. I have been having the same problem lately. I solved mine by using the color spritzer tool - that really fixed my background problem. But you can't do that with this card unless you make your own RHR marker.

Mom said...

But it's so pretty already.

Charlene H. said...

Or, (just me again!) if the wide oval punch fits that sentiment, you could use the dotted swiss texture on the pink pirhouette and then punch an oval where you want the sentiment to be and stamp the sentiment on the white cardstock underneath. Hope that helps!

I have a friend who helps me with things like this. We take pictures and email them back and forth to ask "does this look OK?" or "what else does it need?". It really helps to have a second opinion sometimes.

Unknown said...

I would not change a thing, I love it the way it is what a great swap card.

Cindy Galbraith said...

I love your card just how it is.
I honestly wouldn't add a thing....I think it would be too much then. I like the "clean look" of it and adding anything else might "clutter it up". It's just perfect this way!

Anonymous said...

The card is absolutely beautiful. Love the ribbon


peata said...

card is awesome.
did you cut the scallops with scissors?

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