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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Birds & Branches Box

Our DIVA group was given these boxes and the challenge was to decorate them. My plan was to make it into a stationary box. I was going to make matching cards and envelopes but I ran out of time. We only had a couple of months to do this!!! But the "Birds & Branches" die cut wasn't in the catalog a couple of months ago!!!!

I did glue the pieces on using "Rolling Ball" 2 in 1 glue pen by Sailor. It writes like an ink pen but glue comes out instead of ink. You can really glue the fine lines of the branches without any glue spilling over the edges.

It was quite a fun challenge and it was even more fun to see what others did with their boxes. We have such a talented group of gals. DIVA Day last Sunday was SO much fun. Sue has projects for us to do and dinner too!!! I always look forward to DIVA Day!! Sometimes it's the only time we in the group get to see each other too. It's rare we see each other outside the group and that's too bad. They are such a great bunch of gals.

Thanks SO much for visiting today,


Erika M. said...

I love the box - birds and branches is one of my favs.

Anonymous said...

Once again Wanda, the photo doesn't do your project any justice at all. This is gorgeous!
Sue Lehrer

Unknown said...

What a great box, this is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

So pretty!! Love those birds!! :)