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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NOT Liking This One!!!

Boy, I REALLY struggled with this card. My plan was to do the three butterflies in a row like that. And to tell you the truth that is the only thing that I had planned that actually worked out on this card.

I did add a bit of glitter gel pen to the flowers on the butterfly to bring in some color to the drab card.

And to top it off, I didn't have any vanilla ribbon. Can you believe that??? Those who come here to stamp and read my blog will be shocked to read about the ribbon part!!! LOL

I am VERY disappointed in this card and after spending so much time on it I decided I had enough and just walked away. Sometimes it's just best to do that. There was no hope for this card at all. Ok, maybe there is but I just can't see it and I can't work with it anymore. WOW, I've never had "Stamper's Block" before!!! I hope it passes quickly!!! Maybe it will once I put that stamp set away!!! LOL I picked it up because I had been whining about all the new stuff coming out in the "Occasions" catalog and how much of it I REALLY wanted. There's SO many cute sets in it. I made a list and the total was enough to put me in shock. SO I am forced to take a serious look at my list and trim it down considerably!!! But in the meantime I thought I should use some of the sets I haven't even touched yet and this "Flight of the Butterfly" set by Stampin' Up! was one of them. SO I put it together and this is what I did with it. UGH!!! I think I may look on SplitCoastStampers for some inspiration with this set. There must have been a card somewhere that I saw that made me want to own this set!!! And I know it wasn't this card!!! LOL

Thanks for looking, hope it didn't strain your eyes!!! LOL


mudmaven said...

You know what they say about the eye of the beholder - I really like this card! It is soft and elegant. ~chris

Susie said...

Wanda - this is very beautiful. I just love it!

Anonymous said...

ditto for me. I bought this set because I seen something somewhere that was super cute. I have not used my set yet. We should do some sort of challenge with this set.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda, I am loving this card!! It is soft and pretty. This is one of those cards where less is more.
TFS.... :)
Have a sparkling day!
p.s. I know what you mean about the occasions mini, I want tooo many things in there too, lol...

Anonymous said...

A few of my demo friends and I have a special swap each month where we pick a stamp set and all make a card using that set. This last month we picked 'Flight of the Butterfly' because most of us had it and hadn't used it and thought the group could infuse us with fresh ideas. Guess what - it worked! There are only five in the group and one was ill but we got four pretty neat cards with this set. It's kinda like an insider group challenge - you might want to give that a try! Personally, however, I like your card!

Terry Molineux said...


This card is awesome....may stamp another butterfly image, cut it out and pop it in the center with the wings curled maybe that will make you feel better BUT, it is fine the way it is!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me, Wanda? I love your card; and what is wrong with the ribbon you did use? It looks like the perfect ribbon for that card. I hope that you are liking your card now that you have walked away from it for awhile.... that works for me! LOL


Anonymous said...

HUH?!!! Don't like?!! What you talkin' bout Wanda?? I think it's so pretty and I love the soft colors and the images!! What's NOT to like?

L. Ann said...

I like your card. Sometimes when I REALLY don't like a card, that is just the one some family member of mine will pick up and say wow! this is cool!. My problem (I guess) is that it just doesn't turn out like I wanted it to.

Unknown said...

This is a great card, love the images and DP. No Ribbon, OUCH Wanda you need to go shopping.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda,
Just dropping in and saw your card. I loved it immediately and my first thought was 'baby boy card'. It's beautiful!
Just lovely!
Thanks for sharing it!

ktstamps said...

I love this card...I have to CASE it....It is simple and soooo sweet! Thank you for sharing! kt