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Monday, February 02, 2009

Another Item Using the Sizzix Scalloped Bag Die

Here is another project I did using the Sizzix Scallop Bag die. I took a piece of decorative paper and just ran it through the machine. I did cut the paper down to 3" x 12". Though you can use a piece of regular card stock for this. The die is just under 11" so it will work just fine.

After getting the piece cut I scored it. I measured in from the straight end 5-1/2" and I scored it. Then I moved the paper in until it measured 8-3/4" from the straight end and I scored it there.

Between the two scores is where I took the bottle cap and traced it onto the paper. Then I found a punch that fit close enough to that circle. If you find the circle is just a touch too tight you can repunch a little sliver off and it shouldn't show.

I folded in the score marks and then set it in place on the bottle. I didn't decorate it because this is not what I am using the bottle for. Plus it allows you to be creative. And you can show me what you make with it!!!

You can fold up the long straight piece and make a pocket for your business card or something else to go with the theme you are working with.

This is the 5th item I have made using the Sizzix "Bag with Scallops" die. Figure out the price of that die and divide it by 5 and you are getting 5 different uses for it for a small price for each!!! Such a deal, huh???

If you want to see the other items I made using this die just click here.

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Erika M. said...

Another great idea!

Vicky said...

ok Wanda I bought it I bought it!!!! lol. keep 'em coming! You are amazing!

Unknown said...

And another great idea, this is really cute.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! This is adorable!! ;) Love your idea!!