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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another Fun Bag Using the SIzzix Bag With Scallop Die

Here's a fun and quick way to make those open sided bags for your candies. This is unbelievably quick. I LOVE giving those open sided bags as gifts and I also love making them with bath salts in them. Well, now I can make them SO much quicker!!! Imagine the time I will save!!!

I took a piece of decorative paper and cut it 3" wide. It needs to be at least 11" long. I ran it through the machine and folded the scores that the die created.

I filled my baggie with Red Hots. Please be sure to use baggies that are meant for foods. It really does make a difference. The ones that are made to hold food are clean and have been inspected. I don't know if the plastic on them is different or not. There is SO much talk about how plastic in contact with foods is not good for you because of the plastic emitting some type of chemical. Anyway, I put the candy in the baggie and I actually stapled it to the inside of the bag along the straight edge. Then I folded the top over and decorated it.

To keep it closed I was going to tape it but thought that wasn't such a good idea. I may have done that had I put a window in the front. But since I didn't I opted to use some thin magnets. One went under the scalloped flap and the other went on the outside of the front panel. The flap hides it until it's opened. I was going to put it on the inside of the package but the thin magnets I have weren't strong enough to hold through the paper like that. But for display purposes it worked just fine.

I have one more project you can make using that very same "Bag with Scallop" die. I'm sure there are more ways to use it and if you know of one you can let me know and I'll give it a try and post it on my blog!!!
If you want to see the other items I made using this die just click here.
For those of you who are demonstrators, it's always nice to show how you can get more than just one use out of an item you are promoting.

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Erika M. said...

Cute bag - You are so talented!

Unknown said...

What a cute project, I love your candy bag.

Anonymous said...

This is too cute!! You're so full of fun ideas!! :) TFS!

Margie (aka ~Jacob's Mommy~) said...

These are so adorable!