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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting the Most Out of Your Sizzix Scallop Bag Die

I have the new Sizzix "Bag with Scallops" die cut. My first project with it was just a bag. Well, not an ordinary bag but a Valentine's Day bag complete with candy inside. To add a bit more to that bag I punched a hole in the one panel and added a piece of acetate (transparency) for a window to view what was in the bag. Kind of takes the surprise out of what is in the bag!!! LOL
Then the second thing I showed using the same bag die was a Valentine's Day box. Just click on the links to view either one of them. As with all of the photos on my blog, just click on them for a closer view of the images.

Next I made a smaller box with side flaps. For this one I didn't have to run any more card stock or paper through the machine, just the one! To make this box I first used a piece of chipboard that came in my decorative paper packs by Stampin' Up! That must have meant I used up a package of it!!! I find that highly unlikely, I'm such a hoarder!!! What probably happened was that I had purchased 2 packages and I merged what was left in the one to the new one!!! That sounds more like me!!! LOL

I ran that chipboard through the Sizzix using the bag die. Before you do this you want to make sure that the side you are going to have showing is the side you have face up on the die. You don't want the score marks on the side pieces to show on the outside of your box. You will not be folding those score marks in so if they don't come out on the chipboard it's no big deal. Once you have the pieces cut out you are going to be marking and cutting them down. Using your paper cutter, insert the straight end of the long strip (not the scallop end) in and cut off 1-7/8".

The next score mark that the die made you keep along with the following one. You will score the next line at 1-7/8" from the second score line from the straight edge. And your final score will be at 1-5/8" from the score line you just made. Next to the newest score line you will see the original score line the die made. DO NOT fold it or it will show on the outside. Fold the one you just made. Now you have two choices here. You can either keep the scallop on and work with it, decorating it and probably taping it, gluing it or using a magnet to keep it in place. Or you can cut it off at that original score line. I chose to cut my scallop off and decorate the front of my box. Set it aside.

Now pick up your side panels and cut 2-1/4 off the top of it and then score at 1/4" from the newly cut edge. Fold in the side and bottom scored lines only. Also fold the scored areas in on the long panel, except for the one closest to the scallop if you are keeping the scallop.

If you want to add a window to your box, now is the time to do it. Once you start attaching the sides it is almost impossible to add it. I would also recommend adding the acetate piece as well. Or you can leave it open depending on what you are putting inside.

Next take the side pieces and on the little scored piece cut a little wedge off each side. It will help the lid of the box close better. You will want to do the same thing to the little piece on the long panel (if you cut off the scallop). Cutting the wedge there will help that edge on the lid to go in the box nicer. Did you notice the words on the side of my box??? I wasn't paying attention to what side of the material I as cutting on!!! It's important to pay attention there. Especially if you are using double-sided decorative papers!!! OR chipboard that has wording on it!!!! LOL And the only way to cover it is to cover the whole box. Adding a layer just won't do it, it won't cover it all. But fortunately this box was for demo so I squeaked by on that one!!! LOL

To assemble, begin with the bottom flap of the side pieces. I used Aleen's Tacky glue to affix mine. I wanted something that would hold quickly and hold well. Mostly I was going for the quickly thing. Most liquid glues hold well!!

Once the bottom side pieces are glued into place and the glue is set enough, move on to gluing the sides to the front or the back. You do not want to glue a right side and then the left, you want to glue fronts or backs. Once the pieces are glued and the glue is set you are ready to decorate it up as you like. I used some hearts and ribbon for mine. Inside I added 4 Ghiradelli candies, there is room for 5 but I only had 4. They fit perfectly in the box and I didn't even plan it that way!!! Hmmm, it must have been meant to be!!! LOL

Tomorrow I will show you one more way to get the most out of this Sizzix die!!

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Erika M. said...

Wonderful ideas - I love it when you can use dies for more than one purpose!!!!

Anonymous said...

This box is soooo cute! I love it!

bensarmom said...

Wanda, I love your ideas for these! You are one creative lady. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Can't wait to try them!

Unknown said...

What a beauty, I love your creation. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

ThreadCatcher said...

Love how you make several different things with the one die. Onto my endless wish list it goes! jmniffer

Anonymous said...

Love this box!! Thanks for sharing the idea.


Anonymous said...

Wanda, you need to enter SU!s artisan contest! Not kidding. You're so creative!

I'm so grateful I have come across your website. I use some of your ideas in my clubs.