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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog Candy WInner and a Confession!!!

Before I post the winner of the Blog Candy I have to confess something here. Back then when my husband bought me flowers for Valentine's Day and for the 6 weeks of not smoking, I didn't remain a non-smoker. I was totally obsessed by the not smoking thing. It was HORRIBLE to say the least. I spent my days thinking of where I was going to go buy a pack of cigarettes. Then I thought about where I was going to go hide to smoke one. And where I was going to hide the cigarettes I bought. Oh not to mention getting the smell off my clothes. And don't forget the breath mints!!! It was SO overwhelming that I just started in again. But there is good news here. In 2001, on Christmas Eve I had my last cigarette!!! We were at my husband's niece's farm (he's got nieces and nephews close in age - he was a late in life child) and she had kittens. Well, there were around 8 of them and they were just over 4 months old. It was one of those very little snow on the ground extremely cold Minnesota winters. The kitties were all huddled together in a corner of the 1/4" finished garage. But there was this one kitten that was away from the group. He came near me and cried. Of course I picked him up. He looked like a round ball with a head, legs and a stick tail. His hair was drawn to tightly against his body to stay warm. The whole night I kept telling my husband I wanted that kitty. Even our son and my mother-in-law got in on it!! LOL Ok, here is where the not smoking came into play. I told him that if he let me have that kitty I would quit smoking. That is how bad I wanted that kitty!!!! SO on our way out the door that night he said to me "pick out the one you want." My eyes welled with tears, I glanced over at this beautiful fuzzy white and orange one and proceeded to pick up the grey stripped tabby that I fell in love with the minute I saw him. I was told that if I started smoking I had to give the kitty back. Well, it's been 7 years now and I have not had even a puff and I still have the kitty. He's the free kitty that has cost us a LOT of money in vet bills because of crystals in his bladder. Poor baby. He's a VERY nice cat and he was worth the "deal" I made to get him. I'd do it all over gain if I had to!!!

SO, there you have my true confession!!! LOL

Ok, onto the lucky Blog Candy winner and that is..... poster #3

Lisa Bohler and here is her comment:

"Last year, my husband (a pastor) had a board meeting on Valentine's Day...who thought that was a good idea? All of these men sitting at a meeting on Valentine's day! I would just like to stay home and either spoil my husband with back scratching and he spoil me with a foot rub."

Now after reading a lot of these comments about making heart-shaped meatloaf I am actually considering that. Though I'm not too sure about the heart shape part. I prefer not to handle raw meat and if I do I do it quickly!!! LOL As for meatloaf, I rarely make it and I use rubber gloves!!! LOL I REALLY don't like the feel of raw meat. And if I do make this meatloaf for Valentine's Day it would be totally out of love because I do not care for meatloaf!!! Hubby LOVES it and it would be a nice thing for him on Valentine's Day. I'd just make a small one and then there would be ground beef left to make a hamburger, which is my favorite!!! LOL And since the day is on the weekend I will have help with the dishes so that makes me happy. He gets meatloaf and I get help with the dishes. It will work!!! LOL

Anyway back to the Blog Candy, Lisa please email me with your snail mail address and I will get the package sent out to you. I always email back to let the winner know I got their address. If you do not hear back by 2 days it could be because of glitches somewhere along the way, they happen. In that event just leave a comment on any post on my blog with the information. I will reject it so it's not published.

Now for the rest of you who entered.... there is more Blog Candy to come. The next Blog Candy is the "Chatty Cathy" one. It's for reaching 1,000 posts!!! Then I think I am caught up on the blog candy for a little while.

Thank you all for playing along and stay tuned for more!!!


Nettie said...

What an adorable confession Wanda!
Sometimes not all is that much is needed to get us to accomplish our goals.


reeree62 said...

Another idea is to get a heart shaped pan and make a pot pie in it!
The dollar store near me had plastic champagne flutes in red or pink with hearts on the stems. So much fun stuff!
Congrats to the candy winner!
And good for you for not smoking... hubby & I quit 24 years ago and it was the hardest thing I've ever done!! Yay us!

Anonymous said...

Oh, such a great testimony girl. I love it - and am so glad you ended up with the kitty and loving it everyday. I do smoke and would love to quit myself, but don't see it being that easy. Take care of U, family, and kitty! I have one kitty who had crystals too - and I have her on the cd diet which is helping. Need to go get more today. Thanks,

Unknown said...

Congrats to your winner she is a lucky girl.

What a wonderful confession story, so happy you were able to quit and get a kitty ;)

mudmaven said...

Congratulations - that's a great achievement! Can we see a picture of this little wonder? ~chris

Heather in FL said...

Awww...that's such a sweet story. I'm such a kitty person and that would have been SO worth it. Of course, I've never had that addiction, so I have no idea really how hard it was to make that decision. I don't think if it was the kitty or my supplies addiction that I would have picked the kitty, but it would have been something to think HARD about. :-)

Anonymous said...

The target dollar spot has a silicone pan which will work great I think its 2.50 I have it & use it all the time. only put a cookie sheet under it found that out the hard way:) I am with you on the meatloaf.

kristina seymour

Unknown said...

Hi Wanda!
Just wanted to thank you for sharing your kitty story...
you two were meant to be :)