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Friday, January 23, 2009

From Bag to Box!

In the new Stampin' Up! catalog there is a new die cut for the Sizzix Big Shot!!! It's the "Bag with Scallops" on page 195. I made a bag using it. Click here to see it.

I took a piece of decorative paper. Cute paper isn't it?? I got it at Target in the Dollar Spot and let me tell you, you REALLY get what you pay for. This paper is SO thin and very difficult to work with because of that. Stampin' Up! has such quality decorative paper. It's thick enough to hold a shape and it's double-sided!! But I had to use this paper because it was chosen by someone special and they wanted me to make them something with it. SO I came up with this fun box to fill full of Valentine's Day candy!!!

I did use the bag punch believe it or not!!! And here is how I did it. I took the paper and cut it so it was 6" x 12". I ran it through the Big Shot with the "Bag with Scallops" die. Then I took the other piece of paper and I cut it so it measured 3" x 12". I ran the piece through the Big Shot using the same die but I only cut out one more piece that had the scallop on it. I didn't need any more side pieces.

Now here is the tricky part!!! I folded the scallop piece at 2-3/4" from the scallop. Then I folded it again at 1-11/16" from the last fold. And the final fold was at 3-3/4" from the last fold. What was left goes on the bottom of the box. You may have to trim a little off the end, you don't want it hanging out the front of the box.

When I assembled the box I taped the newly folded piece to the scallop piece. The original scallop is hidden under the top part of the lid. You will see this once you fold the box. I did take a piece of card stock and cut it to fit and taped it to hide that inside scallop.

For the sides I just folded the edges in and the bottom piece in and taped them in place. To help in taping them you want to tape the bottom flaps on first and then either the front or the backs on. You don't want to tape a right side and then a left side. It can get off kilter doing that. It's best to tape fronts and backs. Once the sides were put on the bag now formed a box just by adding that extra scalloped piece and folding it in the right places!!!

For that little white scallop edge I just took a piece of white card stock and put it on the die and ran it through. I only needed the scallop so my piece of card stock was not very big.

I used the scallop punch and made a pink scallop. I used the 1-3/8" circle punch and made a Real Red circle and the words "Be Mine" I did on the computer and punched them out using the 1-1/4" punch. I sponged the edges and then taped it together. I tied a bow at the top and it was ready to fill with candies!!!

If you wanted to add a window in the box you would have to make the flap shorter and you would punch the window in before you tape the box together.
WOW, and this time I didn't take the photo head on!!! It's easier to see the 3D effect of it if you take the photos at an angle!!! It only took me 2 years of blogging to realize this!!! LOL

So now I have a die cut that I can use for boxes or bags!!! Dual purpose!!! Gotta LOVE that!!!

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mudmaven said...

Very cute! Sounds like you worked pretty hard on this one. ~chris

Sara Paschal said...

This is a great way to alter this bag, love your box. Target has some cute dollar papers I agree about the quality.

Erika M. said...

I love that project! Yep, you can never go wrong with something that is multipurposed!

Margie (aka ~Jacob's Mommy~) said...

I just love these little boxes and bags! How fun.