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Thursday, January 22, 2009

For The Birds!!!

As I was coming in the garage today I saw this bag of wild birdseed. It was just sitting there minding it's own business!!! You see where this is going?? LOL Since the city cut down all the trees in our backyard there is no where to hang the bird feeder thus the bag of seed in the garage. Now we do have trees in the front yard but no feeders on them. But come spring that will change!!

Anyway..... After seeing the seeds this stamp came to mind!! I thought it would be fun to make a shaker card using bird seed. I did have to double up on the Dimensionals behind the card stock. A single layer was just too thin and the seeds would bulge on the acetate, they were just not free enough to move around.

There is one thing I would have done differently and probably will change now that I see the card on the computer. It's the hat. I think it needs something at the top. I could punch out a small circle or I could hunt down a tiny pom pom. I think I'll punch a circle, it would be SO much quicker than digging in the mounds of craft "stuff" I have around here!
I do like the colors of this card. They are very bright and cheery!!! This card would be good for male or female and even a kids card!!!

I can't believe that I am actually ahead in my birthday card making this year!!!! It's a first for me!!!

If you'd like to learn the Shaker Box Technique just click here and you'll be taken to my post that has the directions.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the card Wanda !!! Not sure if it is the bird or the bright colors, but very cute. Great idea for the seeds also. Keep up the GREAT work. Looking forward to seeing your scrapbooking skills.

mudmaven said...

So cute! I have yet to try a shaker card - I have that MS mini hearts punch and I keep thinking that would make good fodder for a shaker card. ~chris

Erika M. said...

Cute card!

Heather in FL said...

Such great colors! I always look forward to your cards. Thank you for your inspiration. I've given you a blog award. Please check out my blog to see what you need to do. :-)

Anonymous said...

Very cute card, Wanda. I can see it for kids cards, which I am always in need of..... thanks so much for the darling idea.


Unknown said...

So cute, I love the birdseed shaker what a cute idea.