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Monday, January 19, 2009

Love Notes!

I thought it was time for some altered art! It's been a long time since I've done that and when I was at Target they had these fun note paper holders. They had 3 different ones, the Toy Story, Monster's Inc. and one other one. The other one didn't seem to be as well put together as the other two so I passed on it.

This is a very easy project to do. I think the most difficult part of it was taking apart the original note holder.

To redo this all you do is take the paper out of the holder. Remove the holder. Take a piece of decorative paper. Here I used a half sheet of the Stampin' Up! "Candy Lane" paper. I taped the paper around the original holder. When taping you want to tape it in sections. I taped the lid first, then folded the paper to the back spine and taped it and then to the bottom. If you tape it all at once you will not be able to shut the lid. You must give it some easement so folding and taping as you go is the best way to d to it.

Once I got the outside taped down I clipped a few edges so I could fold the ends over and tape them in place. I covered the inside with another piece of decorative paper. And as for the holder, well ... it was white and I just left it as it was. It didn't distract from the decorative paper so why not use it as it is. I just used the Stick Strip tape to hold it in place.

Then I took some copier paper and cut it to fit the box. I stamped a heart in the corner of the paper to pull the theme all together here!!! And the final touch was the ribbon on the outside. This also helps keep the lid shut!

I decorated the outside with the Stampin' Up! "Love You Much" set. I added some hearts using some decorative papers and the 3 Hearts punch. I added a little rhinestone in the middle of the flower in the words "LOVE" and I added a heart on Dimensionals to the center of the word. And the final thing I added was a cute little button at the bottom next to the two punched hearts.

It was a quick and simple altered item to make. I bought some extra note holders and plan on making some of these for the fall craft fairs. I had made these before using the snowman from Tags & More and I sold every one of them!! I was SO thrilled to see these for sale again so like I said, I bought some extra!!!

Find something to alter and just have fun with it!!!

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Unknown said...

I haven't done any altered art yet, but know I'm going to go down that road. Love your notes holder.

Kathy said...


Unknown said...

Beautiful papers and stamp set, this is a great project.

Erika M. said...

What a cute box! You did a wonderful job.

Mamawheelie said...

Since I love your blog so much (your work is amazing!) I decided to bestow a blog award upon you. If you go to my blog, or here:, you should be able to save the image. Thanks for having such a terrific blog!

Anonymous said...

Wanda, this are beautiful!

reeree62 said...

So cute, Wanda!

Charlene H. said...

Well, isn't that a handy dandy idea. I love it. I sure do look at things differently when I shop at our Dollarama. There are so many things a person can alter once you start looking.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, this is soooo cute! I love how it turned out. I never would have thought of altering that notebox if I had seen it in Target. Now I may have to try my hand at it using yours as inspiration. Thanks for sharing!