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Friday, January 09, 2009

Candy Fries!!!

I was SO thrilled today when the doorbell rang. It was the mail carrier bringing a package to the door that was too big for the mail box. Along with that he brought the rest of the mail so I didn't even have to go out in the cold today to get the mail!!! Lucky me!!!

And what was in that oversized package??? It was a new Sizzix Bigz Die Cut!!! A fry box die cut!!! I LOVE making the fry boxes but after a few of them my hands are tired from cutting them out. Well, how perfect is this??? Just run your card stock through the Big Shot and with the die and you have an instant fry box!!! I LOVE it. I had gotten it at Oh My Crafts.

SO I just had to play with it. After I cut it out I wanted to decorate it a bit. SO I took a piece of white card stock and ran it through the fry box die again but only caught the front part of the box. Then I took the Stampin' Up! Scallop die cut and lined up that front piece so it would cut evenly across the scallops. Once that was done I took an 1/8" paper punch and punched holes at the scallops. I marked each spot with a pencil before I punched so I could get them fairly even. I thought it could use a bit more color so I made some Faux Eyelets (that technique can be found here.) I glued them in place. I stamped the image on the front of the fry box and colored it in with Ruby Red and Regal Rose markers. I used Mellow Moss for the leaf and stem. Then I attached the white piece to the front of the fry box. It did cover up the flower that was on the stamp image but that was ok because I was planning on covering it with a heart anyway.

I took another one of those foam hearts that I have in abundance and stuck it in place where the flower was. Then I punched out a heart using Riding Hood Red and stuck it on the foam heart. I then took my gel pen and added some dots around the heart and on the inside of the Faux Eyelets. I was thinking about adding some glitter to the words but realized I needed to cook dinner here soon and didn't want glitter in the air or on me and obviously I didn't want it in the food!! It's SO dry in our house right now and everything seems to cling. Oh and let's not mention the static!!! The poor cats hate to have me pet them!!! LOL I even got a shock from the running water. I turned the water on and put my hand under it and got a shock. UNREAL!!!!

Once the box was done I taped it together. I do recommend glue instead of tape. When I added the candy I found that the tape was pulling away from the sides. Not a good thing if you want the box to stay together!!

Fill it with your favorite candies or the favorite candies of a friend and give it as a gift! It was a lot of fun to make!! And I plan on making more too!!!

If you'd like to make a fry box and don't have the die cut you can find a pattern for one here at Mirkwood Designs. There's a LOT of fun patterns there. Be prepared to spend some time there looking at all the fun patterns and then be prepared for your mind to fill with fun ideas to use the patterns with!!! It's very inspiring there!!!

Thanks SO much for visiting today,


Amber said...

That is so cute!! What a great little gift!

The Vannoy Family said...

Oh Wanda! Thanks for sharing - even the links to the other sites - you are such a great crafter and "sharer" of trade - thank you

Michele Kovack said...

How cute is this?!!!! Now, I think I will HAVE to look into this die!!!!

Erika M. said...

Such a cute little gift! My LSS did one similiar at Christmas time two years ago.

krystalpurple said...

That is a very cute idea! I never knew that they had a Fry Box template for the Sizzix. I need to start using mine more. I spent all that money and my husband commented the other day that I hardly ever use it.

Jen said...

Hi Wanda. What a great site, the Mirkwood templates. Couldn't find the "fries" template. Maybe it's called something else?? Can you tell me what template it is? Thanks........jen

Anonymous said...

This is so adorable!! I love that fry box!! And the candy too!! :)

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

This is ultra cute! Love the "love" sentiment across the front.